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          经济学 provides you with a wide array of both subject-specific and transferable skills, all of which are highly sought after by employers and can lead to a wide range of careers such as a Chartered accountant, Economist, Financial Risk Analyst, Investment Analyst, Statistician, Environmental Economist & Stockbroking.

          纸1 - 市场和市场失灵[笔试 - 2小时]




          纸2 - 国家和国际经济[笔试 - 2小时]



          This section of the specification is primarily about macroeconomics. Students will be required to acquire knowledge and understanding of AD/AS analysis and will be provided with opportunities to use this analysis to explore recent and current economic examples. They will understand, and be able to analyse and evaluate, macroeconomic policy, such as interest rates, taxation and government spending.  Students will be able to critically examine the macroeconomic and global environment and will develop a good knowledge of the UK & European economy and be able to examine government policies over the past fifteen years.

          纸3 - 经济原则和问题[笔试 - 2小时]



          This section develops further what is learnt in Paper 1 & 2.  This includes microeconomic models such as market structures [perfect competition & monopoly], the operation of the price mechanism and the causes of market failure. Students will understand the decisions made by firms and how their behaviour can be affected by the industry in which they operate. Other key models relate to the operation of labour markets, wage determination and causes of inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth.  Students will be aware of developments in the world economy, including the European Union, and how these have affected the UK.

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